Shahzan Inn



Shahzan Inn, the budget hotel, is on a hill slope, situated next to Fraser Hill's town centre. It is overlooking the golf course which takes up the bottom of the valley. It consists of 92 spacious rooms for family accommodation with a balcony. The parking lots are behind the Inn. The bedroom comes with a television and has an attached bathroom with hot water shower or bathtub. There is a lobby lounge where surfing wifi internet is free. It also has a restaurant, a large ball room as well as a meeting room. Fraser’s Hill town center has a much-photographed Clock Tower marketing the spot. Most of the souvenir shops and other eateries are clustered here.


Puncak Inn Hotel


Puncak Inn, is a semi-boutique hotel and is situated in Fraser’s Hill town center and its facing the roundabout and the famous clock tower. This budget hotel consist of 27 cosy rooms with attached bathroom with hot water shower, television, in house movies and fans. Brochures are available for tourist to collect as it is a small public tourist information center. Laundry and dry cleaning services are also available in the hotel. There are a few eateries and souvenirs shops along the hotel. Online booking is required for reservation.


Silverpark Resort

Apartment, Hotel

Silverpark Resort Apartment has accommodation which includes a Studio, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom units. The location has spectacular views and is very quiet, peaceful and a great place to relax with all the great mountain air. It is situated in the centre of the hill tranquillity of Fraser’s Hill. It’s an excellent place to unwind, outings for older people, family gathering/reunions, team building event, romantic getaways and also a destination for honeymooners.


Pine Resort

Apartment, Hotel

Pine Resort Apartment, this is another budget hotel at Quarry Road, along the exit route to Kuala Lumpur from the roundabout of Glen Bungalow. There are 96 three bedroom apartments. All units have a spacious living hall, dining area, balcony and kitchen. Facilities at the resort include tennis and squash courts, karaoke lounge, barbeque pits, conference and meeting rooms are available. There is also a trail (Maxwell Trail) which is about 2km long where its mostly level path. On a nice cold weather, there is nothing like a good old steamboat to warm you up and at the apartment hotel a Steamboat restaurant is available.


Ye Olde Smokehouse

Hotel, Restaurant

Ye Olde Smokehouse Hotel, is a tradition British colonial countryside boutique setting hotel which offers an English countryside home with old world furnishings, exposed beams, log fires as well as four-posters beds. Its like stepping back in time. This hotel is very popular amongst the expatriates and Malaysians. There are 16 furnished suites/rooms and an English restaurant and bar with a fireplace to keep warm. The authentic English cuisine restaurant features a warm ambience lit by candles and lamps. Enjoy a lovely afternoon tea and scones in the garden terrace with views of the lush garden and surroundings of rainforest and mountains. Located along the road to Jeriau Waterfall, a distance away from town.


Scott's Pub & Restaurant


Scott's Pub and Restaurant, was formerly known as the Tavern. This restaurant has an old colonial setting with brick fireplaces and beams along the wall. It’s a continental restaurant overlooking the iconic clock tower and town roundabout and is situated in the heart of the Hill. This is “the place” where the local and tourists mingled to enjoy the live football matches of the English Premier League and other events. Besides the English menu, the restaurant also serves a selection of Asian foods. There is a small pretty garden area where visitors and tourists can dine outside.


Food Garden

Bukit Fraser

Food Garden, is a large food court comprised of local hawker stalls and restaurants at Public Park, located along Pine Tree Road. This is a famous eating spot, just like that of food court. This is the most popular eating spot in Fraser's Hill with variety of choices. Visitors can enjoy delicious and excellent local cuisine that includes; rice and noodles served in many different ways, local interpretations of Western food comprised mostly of meat chops and fries, snacks comprising cakes and pastries and delicious deserts such as 'Ice Kacang' and 'Cendol'. There is a small local restaurant next to the town mosque which has a pretty garden setting for outdoor dining. Food at the hawker stalls are much cheaper when compared with the restaurant. Food court is best suited for folks that love street food.


Kedai Makan

Kheng Yuen Lee

Kedai Makan Kheng Yuen Lee, which is translated to 'Kheng Yuan Lee Eating Shop'. Its the first restaurant that greets visitors as they enter Bukit Fraser. This small Chinese restaurant occupies the rustic stone house on the left shortly after the Gap exist and a short distance away before the town center. This restaurant offers traditional Chinese food comprised mostly of rice and noodle dishes, with a signature laksa served on weekends. The restaurant is not always open on weekdays, except for peak and reasonably busy tourist seasons.


Mimi Strawberi


Mimi Strawberi, was formerly at the Food Garden. It is now located within the Sports Complex of town, nestled along the veranda with a view facing the golf course and on the other side facing the town roundabout. Most of the weekends group of cyclists would cycle all the way up to the iconic clock tower and also residents flocking through all seasons.

This restaurant serves very nice strawberry milk shakes and ice blended drinks as well as an eclectic range of Malay hawker stall cuisine, including Tom Yam, Nasi Paprik, Sup Tulang, Mi Bandung, Banjo Burger and local versions of Western food dishes.


Kedai Makan Hamzah

Mosque, Restaurant

Kedai Makan Hamzah, is located on a hill slope along Jalan Genting next to the mosque, a short distance away from the town centre by foot or car. It has a view overlooking the grassy field and also a breezy outdoor deck for dining which have been lined with flowers on a stone-tiled floor. This restaurant serves traditional local Malay food such as coconut rice with sambal, roti canai etc.


Pine Tree Hill

Fraser's Hill

Pine Tree Hill Trail, is a 1,500 meter high mountain that sits in Fraser’s Hill with steep slopes and undulations and is the longest, toughest and most challenging trekking path in Fraser’s Hill. It is not advisable to attempt this trail alone. The trail gains excess to a mountain peak with a majestic view of Fraser’s Hill and the surrounding summits. This mossy forest trail is 5.5 km long and it takes 7 to 8 hours to trek to the summit and back. Visitors are guided all the way along the trail by wooden signposts. Resting stations are located at strategic points so visitors can take a short rest. The name is inspired by the coniferous plants that used to dot the peak. The trail winds up and down across several tops and ridges before hitting the peak. The view from the peak is a panoramic vista of the surrounding landscape of forests and mountains on clear days.


Kindersley Trail

Fraser's Hill

Kindersley Trail, is one of the shortest (0.75 km one way) trails in Fraser’s Hill. It begins from the playground area from the fork in the road after Shahzan Inn, facing the Pekan (Parr) Bungalow. The trail climbs for about 300 meters and comes out to a paved road that leads to Methodist Bungalow. While uphill, it's an easy hike with some herbs, shrubs and bushes and small flowers to see along the way. A 10-minute uphill walk, which is very steep in places and may be dangerous after a rainfall. The trail takes its name after RCM Kindersley, who was part of the original Fraser's Hill Development Committee responsible for developing the highland retreat during colonial times. The trail was first opened in 1919 as an access route for British officials to visit the Methodist Mission from nearby homes.


Abu Suradi

Fraser's Hill

Abu Suradi Trail, is a short and easy 500 meter trail with a steep climb that winds along corners and shortly after is a pretty flat path with a few minor obstacles. It’s a jungle walk suitable for hikers of all ages. This is Fraser’s Hill highest trail with the highest peak standing at 1,505 metres above sea level.

It was named after the first person to be awarded a mining lease for Pamah Lebar - now the popular Fraser's Hill public golf course in the center of town. The trek begins from a spot along Genting road just opposite the mosque, leading uphill across a slightly steep slope before breaking on to level path. Broad and wide, the trail is easy to traverse, with occasional buttressed roots and muddy spots but rarely any leeches. The track ends at the start of Mager trail.


Hemmant Trail

Fraser's Hill

Hemmant Trail, is an easy 1 km trail with a moderate ascent for the first quarter and level for the rest. Its mainly wide paths with minor obstacles. Trail begins from a grass clearing behind the mosque area along Genting road, just opposite the Abu Suradi trail head. The hike skirts along the edges of the Fraser's Hill Golf Course (designed by Frank Hemmant, whom trail is named after) and behind Silverpark Apartments, passing by trees, ferns and shrubs, some not native but planted from outside. The last quarter of trek becomes slightly narrow steep and muddy; leeches may be present, especially after rainfall. Visitors will exit at the paved road just before it forks towards Muar Cottage at left and Glen Bungalow at right.


Rompin Trail

Fraser's Hill

Rompin Trail, is a short 500 meter trek along a steep terrain with wide and flat path. There are a few small obstacles to cross. A 10 minute walk-down the concrete steps, may be slippery when wet. To return to the Centre is a 15 minutes uphill walk which is quite steep in some places. Depending on which direction visitors approach, it is either a sharp climb or descend through a forest nestled on a slope. Wooden railings, ropes and railings provide some assistance in navigating the steep terrain. Rompin Trail was one of the more recently opened paths, was cleared in the late 1980s to enable quick and easy access to town. This path becomes extremely slippery and dangerous during raining days – have to be extra cautious.


Maxwell Trail

Fraser's Hill

Maxwell Trail, (1.8 km one way) is a muddy, narrow, fuzzy and loose terrain particularly following heavy rain which makes it not popular amongst the visitors and hikers. This trek can be pretty dim and dense. This trail takes approximately 90 minutes to walk and there are many steep slopes. The pathway along Maxwell Trail is well known to be infested with leeches, carrying salt is highly recommended. Sights and views are similar to Bishop Trail, there is less light due to the dense forest cover.


Bishop Trail

Fraser's Hill

Bishop Trail , is a 2 km trail, crossing buttresses, with rocky stretches, narrow paths while inclines and declines are frequent and often very steep. This is a sanctuary to several exotic birds and picturesque rainforest scenery. It is also one of the most popular hiking routes in Fraser’s Hill, with moderate accessibility, excellent rainforest scenery and higher chances of spotting wildlife. This foot-path is a haven for bird watchers and nature lovers. This trail is slippery on rainy days and leeches are abundant. Bishop Trail is a perched watchtower.


Mager Trail

Fraser's Hill

Mager Trail, is a fairly easy 350 meter hike (25 mins) and is another easy trail. This trail starts after Allan's Water or the end of Abu Suradi Trail, where forest views are monotonous entailed large ferns and plenty of shrubs. The path twists steeply downhill with steps and railings, indicating you're almost at the end of this trail. This trail was named after the British engineer, FW Mager, who was responsible for the initial development of Fraser's Hill in 1918 and also helping to survey land and identify suitable places for building bungalows and asphalt roads. The Gap road was completed by him in 1921, utilising a gate system for alternating one way traffic up and down the highlands. The tail ends near the Gap exit, just before the town center.