Frasers Hill, Jalan Girdle (SOLD)


RM 535,000.00

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    Bukit Fraser
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    Bukit Fraser, Pahang

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    Residential Land
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    53,633 Sqft
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    This particular property is a vacant agricultural bungalow lot with a land area of approxmately 53500 sq ft. It has a good frontage. Unlike most vacant land available for sale in Fraser's Hill the particular enjoys some flat land of about 15000 sf. It is easily accessable and is about 5 mins to Shahzan Inn. Kindly call Michael for further details at 012-229 2990.


    Fraser’s Hill, well known as a hill resort, is about 100 km from Kuala Lumpur. It is located on the Titiwangsa Ridge, straddling the borders of the states of Selangor and Pahang. Cool throughout the year at an average of 18-20 degrees Celsius, the attraction of this colonial-era hill station as a tourist resort has not diminished through the years.

    Fraser’s Hill draws its name from Louise James Fraser, a British colonial adventurer and fortune hunter, who was engaged in a lucrative tin ore trade. Many colourful stories exist about his life that could provide exciting plots for Indiana Jones-type movies. Amidst rumours that he managed an opium and gambling den patronised by miners in the hills of Pahang. Fraser vanished in the early 1990s, without a trace. His disappearance remains a mystery to this day.

    In 1917, Fraser’s Hill was rediscovered, thanks to a couple of missionaries who saw its potential as a hill station, away from the unbearable heat and the humidity of the lowlands. They gathered support for the project from the colonial authorities. Fraser’s Hill was built, standing 1524 metres above sea level on seven hills, just like the ancient city of Rome. But understandably, it exudes a quiet rustic air, keeping with the solitude of an English countryside, for a more nostalgic “home-away-from-home” concept.

    It is most likely that many Malaysians are not aware that Fraser’s Hill is a haven for bird watching enthusiasts. Many nature lovers consider it a thrill to bird here because they get a good mix of the mountain species, with the lowland species flying through its pristine forest. Then, there is the reputation for sighting some rare and endangered species of birds, like the Mountain Peacock Pheasant, Malayan Whistling Thrust, the Wreathed Hornbills and Rhinoceros Hornbills, which makes Fraser’s Hill just exciting.

    Fraser’s Hill is home to a great variety of birds. Some 270 species are spotted, out of which 20 are migratory birds which fly here, seeking feeding grounds and our sunny yet cool climates, away from the harsh winters of their originating countries. For the record, birds in flight, some from as far as Siberia and islands north of Japan, are spotted in lower hill forests. The Siberian Thrush, Eurasian Woodcock and White-Throated Needle Tail are some of the regular visitors best sighted from October to March. Fraser’s Hill is like a summer resort for these migratory birds.

    For a while now, Fraser’s Hill has been gazetted a protected area, and the birds have become more approachable. The Brown Wood Owl, often sighted near the clock tower area, is among the highlights of the birding buffs. The Long-Tailed Sibia is most commonly seen chirping away hopping, rather than flying, from branch to branch. Frequently one sees the Silver-Eared Mesia happily feeding in a shrub just a few metres from humans. There is the Fire-Tufted Barbet picking on the fruits of the palm tree, not in the least bit bothered by the children yelling away in the skating rink nearby.

    Birds are one of the most beautiful creatures of all God’s creations. What is it about our feathered friends that fascinate people so much? After all, Wilbur and Orville Wright spent a great deal of time observing birds in flight. They watched the birds soar into the wind and the air flowing over the curved surface of their wings creating lift, which subsequently led to their inventing of the flying machine.

    Bird watching is arguably the most stimulating activity in Fraser’s Hill. It draws not just local birders, but also enthusiasts from around the globe. The air here is not just cool and refreshing, but also filled with birds chirping, tweeting and whistling; it is music to the ears. On a normal, clear and sunny day, it is hard not to notice at least a few people, equipped with colourful identification guide books and perhaps a pair of binoculars, going about their business of bird watching. Birders just enjoy watching and listening to the wonderful creatures. Thousands in all walks of life are taking up birding and making it a delightful and keen hobby. The main reason is that birds are so full of life and colour and they thrill one with their music. Just a weekend in Fraser’s Hill and when you come home, it is amazing how your ears are now able to pick bird sounds from the hustle and bustle of civilisation. And suddenly you begin to appreciate the birds more.

    Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation, or Perbadanan Kemajuan Bukit Fraser (PKBF) and the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) have made some very commendable efforts to promote bird watching in Fraser’s Hill, which have certainly made the hill station a premier place for the activity. It is no exaggeration that Fraser’s Hill, being home to such large number of bird species, has often been referred to as a world-class bird watching destination in the region.

    In mid-June every year, Fraser’s Hill is home ground to the International Bird Race, organised by the Fraser’s Hill Development Corporation, and co-sponsored by the Malaysian Nature Society and the Malaysian WWF for Nature. No, it’s not any of the birds racing one another, nothing of that sort! Rather, it is a race to spot as many bird species as possible in the hill top area. The first competition, a brainchild of the Selangor Bird Group of MNS and PKBF, was held in 1988, with five teams participating.

    Twenty years later, the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race has become an important annual get-together, an educational and fun event, where bird watchers and nature lovers worldwide converge to the village. In the various categories of races, young children, students, friends and family members in teams of threes try to outdo one another basically to determine which tem can sight, identify, and record the most number of birds as stated in the official checklist within a specified time.

    This event is featured in international bird watcher maps. It is a fact that the International Bird Race draws participants from all over the world. What baffles the organisers, however, is that cash is not the main attraction of the participants, who seem to prefer prizes in kind, such as bird books, binoculars, digital cameras, bush gear and field tents. This world-renowned event seeks to promote Fraser’s Hill as a bird sanctuary and encourages bird watching as a healthy outdoor-activity. The organisers intend to create an awareness of the flora and fauna, while preserving the country’s rich natural heritage that is to be treasured and to be conserved, for all people, for all time.

    Over the years, the International Bird Race has turned into a much-awaited even: kind of a festival here. Visitors could negotiate special promotional accommodation for the occasion, where rates may be inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is one happy occasion when the entire community of Fraser’s Hill turns on its charm to the whole world. It is not uncommon to hear the villagers sharing how entertaining and comical it could be sometimes watching these participating individuals. Some birdwatchers were even seen hanging out of car windows, like in the movies, trying to spot the birds, moving at speeds of 50km an hour. While all this excitement was in the air, there were yet others who were happy just to stroll and not get flustered with the idea of a “race”. Without participating in the race, they would go about their way to spot numerous varieties seldom seen in the lowlands.

    A word of advice, however, for those visitors to Fraser’s Hill who are not bird lovers. It is very likely that the “bird fever” may catch on to you, when you see so much excitement about our feathered friends, with so many people carrying binoculars and cameras with long lenses that look like guns. But, be rest assured that there are plenty of other attractions and activities for you in Fraser’s Hill.

    The Royal Fraser’s Hill Golf Course, situated in the middle of the town, is a 9-hole golf course famous with golfers. For a quick history lesson, this is where Fraser’s old tin mine used to sit, and this is one of Malaysia’s earliest golf courses constructed in 1925 by engineer Frank Hemmant. After all, Fraser’s Hill at one time was the playground of the rich and famous, a favourite hideout for miners and planters from surrounding areas.

    Some of Fraser’s Hill facilities are closed at the moment due to extensive upgrading works. But, you can be rest assured that operations will resume in time for the International Bird Race in June. The “Paddock” offers horses and ponies for hire to those who want to experience horseback riding in high country. The family may enjoy a bit of paddle-boating in Allan’s Water, a pond at the edge of the hill. There is the archery field to provide some thrill to those wishing to try the sport. There are some eight famous nature walk trails, like the Hemmant Trail, which are all well maintained by PKBF, reducing the risk of you getting lost in the jungle. You can conduct a history class in Fraser’s Hill, especially one that relates to the colonial times, or a nature class to create an awareness and love for the environment, or just a trip down memory lane. The ball is at your feet, so to speak.

    Fraser’s Hill provides a desirable option for those looking to escape the heat and humidity and the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend retreat, with its cooler air and scenic highland backdrop. You might opt to take up one of the apartment-type accommodations managed by the PKBF, or stay in one of the many resorts available along the hills, and breathe in the cool, fresh air and enjoy the beautiful lush scenery laid before your eyes. Otherwise, you might want to check out the historical, colonial-styled bungalows which still scatter the landscape. Many have been turned into resorts to accommodate guests for the weekend.

    It is hard not to fall in love with Fraser’s Hill.

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